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Mile 88
May 16, 2010, 1:12 pm
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Friday April 30th 2010
As we leave Seattle for the last time for awhile, I try to take as many deep breaths as I can, in hopes of bringing the refreshing ocean air with me to a place that could so desperately use some fresh air, Spokane! As we leave Spokane I can’t help but feel a little bad about how good I feel each time I leave that city. I love my friends but I’m sick of Spokane (no offense). It was so great to see everybody in both cities, as it always is. Now as we leave the great Evergreen State, and head into Canada via N. Idaho, I can’t help but feel such a relief to finally be on the road, not having to deal with the all the shit leading up to our departure. Going away from the Pacific Northwest, leaving behind many things, worries, stresses, schedules, fees, friends, family, habits, routines, on our way north, to Alaska to meet old and new friends and family, and a much, much, simpler way of living. Into the trees, boys!

We have been driving and driving and driving! We will continue to drive and drive and drive! But it will pay off when we meet our new children and rent payers the 20-30 Husky dogs. We will wait in anticipation for greg;s bass drum to come from the ship that is bringing it our way. It is 4 A.M. the hard part starts right around 4:30 and 8:00 A.M. The hours of the morning in which you simply want to sleep. They are the hardest to keep your eyes open during. Bradley is driving and cruising like a cadillac from the 70’s. No creatures in the road yet. They obviously are sleeping, and probably dreaming about us driving through the pitch black night. Just 600 more miles through nowhere B.C. and we will be in the nowhere Yukon territory. God damn computer chess the computer is way to knowledgeable. It knows all the moves and I haven’t played a respectable game of chess since 4th grade chess club. How do you then expect me to best the chess computer whiz. Breaking bad has inspired us all to learn chemistry and start cooking meth in Alaska. A real positive source of income. Well I can feel my brain shutting down its getting close to that 4:30 time when all you want is the Z’s but we will power through with red bull and cocaine minus the cocaine.

Saturday May 1st
Frost Heaves can go fuck themselves! Spencer is a frost heave killing maniac, what a dream…That black bear we saw was cute. Many  mountains goats (good band), caribou (better band & good pixies song), so many lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges, no more jerky, it was too god damn tasty, lot’s of fuckin wheat thins, and a shit ton of trail mix, don’t forget the tequilla and Texico bitches!

The road is literally turning to shit. Every half km there is a orange flag or one of those orange cones, this is ok though, we are making great progress. Day 2 and we will make it to Tok, Ak where we plan to rent a hotel room and drink ourselves to sleep! Oh i can’t wait to get out of this car!  Beer!

Sunday May 2nd
We made it into Tok last night, right across the Alaskan border, where we had planned to spend the night in a hotel, drink some beer, find a toke. We checked into the cheapest motel in town, found a restaurant  and right away were approached by these two bearded brothers, who greeted us, and said they had seen us driving. They wanted to know if we wanted to hang out with them, they had beer and weed! So we sat down with them and talked for a couple hours drinking pitchers of Alaskan Amber, and after dinner they showed us their empty trailer where they had two hammocks they slept in, they also showed us some nice joints and more alaskan amber. Their names were Jared who was 37 and his younger brother named Brenen who was 24. They had the craziest stories to shared with us. Here is a funny one: Brenen worked at a Church as a janitor and he played a game where he would do a whip it in one fridge run down the hall to the next fridge and try to do another one without falling over. Jared came across two nitrous tanks and he would sell balloons at Grateful Dead concerts for $5.

They smoked a ton of pot, like 3 or four ounces in the last week. They made up every excuse they could; just past mile marker 666, or 420, or it’s 4:20pm somewhere in the world, or it’s 500 miles from the last time Brenen had sex with a fat cocaine girl. His quote was, “Jared, do you think we have time to smoke this joint before we have to smoke the next one?”

So basically we had the best welcoming into Alaska yet, and it was exactly what we had been dreaming about! What a beautiful night. Now we are onto Talkeetna, 359 miles from Tok, piece of cake.

Mile 88 right on hidden hills road
3- 3 1/2 miles
right on keystone
100 yds. left on woodland way
1st driveway on the right