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Some pics
July 17, 2010, 5:40 pm
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Hallo! Here are a few pictures of my adventure so far! Enjoy!

Talkeetna Thus Far!
July 17, 2010, 10:21 am
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There is too much to write about to explain everything that is going on, at least for me that is, maybe George who writes would be better suited at this. Maybe a list!

We’ve been feeding the dogs, they are great.

One dog had her puppies! Four cute ones!

Greg and Elliot hiked Kesugi ridge in Denali State Park

Greg, Elliot, and I went on a short hike/canoe trip to a public cabin we had rented.

Fishing has been happening

We are planning another hiking trip to hike Pioneer Peak

I bought a 1992 reconstructed Toyota Corolla from a real shady guy in Anchorage about 2 days ago. It’s my dream car. I will post pictures soon, it’s a piece of shit with a good engine! Man he was shady… Elliot quote; “how about instead of the bat-mobile, we call it the brad-mobile!?” No elliot, that is lame.

I am helping start a screen printing company with two other people here in Talkeetna. It’s pretty exciting, screen printing from home! Talkketna Print Shop!(pictures to come).

Parade has played a couple shows so far, the last one to help one of our friends Courtni stay out of jail, that one was interesting. We have written a couple new songs, working on more. Oh and I bought Korg synth in Anchorage from a craigslist dude, george has been playing it with us. It really adds to the parade!

Work has been good, saving money, staying out of the bars, (well at least i have). Spencer, Ryan, and I all work at the pub, greg still works at Twister Creek.

I know I am forgetting many things, but I have to go to work. I just loaded a bunch of Photos to facebook!

I hope everyone is doing well, Tyler i am jealous of your trip!


photos and video from Ecuador
July 13, 2010, 9:03 pm
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Today was one of the most amazing days of my life. We hiked and biked around Cotopaxi…An active volcano a few hours from Quito. I probably shot the footage of my life today. I got this cool new polarizing filter, and combined with the beautiful weather and the thin air (13,500ft), the video is simply stunning. I haven’t cut it up yet, but look for it in a day or two. We did upload a short 1 min video from the first three days. Just scroll down a post or two and you’ll find it.

photos and video are uploaded to the Discovery blog at

If you haven’t watched ‘180 South’ yet, it’s streaming on netflix…I believe you all have my login still…Anyway, watch it. You’ll be inspired. I bring it up because the area around Cotopaxi reminds me of some of the footage in it.

Tomorrow, we head south toward Cuenca, but first spend a day hiking an old incan trail and camping at some of the ruins along the way.


Dear friends, family and honored guests….
July 10, 2010, 11:26 pm
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I’ve barely had time to decompress from my trip to New Orleans before I’m sitting in a hotel room in Quito, Ecuador writing this blog. I’ll start with New Orleans: I left July 1 and spent a week there. It’s an amazing city. Truly alive. Tons of good music, amazing food and kind people. It’s so unique as an American city…really unlike anything I’ve experienced. It’s the most unique culture I’ve witnessed in an American city. I worked my ass off shooting (why I was there), but had a few nights where we trekked down to Burbon street to witness the craziness. Now, Burbon is kinda like the vegas strip, or at least how I’d imagine it. The main tourist part is pretty sleezy, but as you venture further into the french quarter you’re greeted by wonderful restaurants, art galleries, jazz clubs, quirky shops…you name it. And the architecture is stunning…Mostly french with some spanish influence thrown in.

That was the fun part. The kids I was filming were down there to do service projects all related to rebuilding after Katrina. I went down there thinking, “how much could there really be to do? Isn’t most of it taken care of?” I was shocked. Disappointed. Horrified. We spend some time in the lower 9th ward, one of the hardest hit areas. What used to be cram packed low income areas now look like driving through rural suburbia. A house here and there but lots of empty lots. All those lots used to be houses. I spoke with one lady whose white, middle class neighborhood was still only 60% occupied. And most of the people there had flood insurance or some other means or rebuilding or relocating. Other people weren’t so lucky. The 9th ward and St. Bernard Parish are both still devastated. It’s hard to describe with words, or even video. I can’t convey what it was like to stand in the middle of what was once a thriving neighborhood only to be reminded of slums you’d see in a third world country. It’s amazing to see the courage and the spirit of the people who remain. They are tough and resilient, but must fight through miles of red tape simply to rebuild. For example: first, everything must be done with a licensed and bonded contractor. Before they can build they need a permit. You are expected to hire this contractor (if you can find one…they’re scarce) to stand in line to wait for a number to stand in line to obtain a permit. This can take several days or even a week. Of course if in the time that person is waiting in line, city inspectors can come by your property and have it condemned if not enough progress is being made. All that to say, most of these people are simply fucked. Once I cut the footage I’ll post it here. All in all I was really inspired and motivated to help. I would love to return someday and do my part. Plus, like I said, at the end of the day, the place comes alive and there’s nothing like it.

Right now, I’m sitting in the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It’s weird. I had a rose on my pillow. I’m much more comfortable sleeping on someone’s couch, I’ve decided. (Although I’m sure I’ll reconsider after a few days of lugging the camera gear around.) I’ll try to post here every few days so stay tuned. I’m supposed to be uploading videos to the Discovery Student Adventures blog every few days as well. Once I know the the address I’ll let everyone know so they can get a look at what I’m up to.

Goodnight all,

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