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September 21, 2010, 3:17 pm
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So i’ve hardly updated anyone this summer or been on the interweb much at all but I think i’m due for some internet blogging. Facebook makes me anxious as soon as i log on so i’m sticking with this. Another summer flew by. In many ways this was both the hardest and the best summer of my life. My job was amazing – i made great money serving tables at a restaurant which serves good food, brews their own beer, and is owned and managed by the best couple i have ever worked for. I truly feel like part of the Twister Creek/Denali Brewing Company family – it feels great to work for a business which you believe in and see the ways the owners re-invest in the small close knit community of Talkeetna. Indeed i have saved more money than i have ever previously in my life. It really helped paying no rent and feeding sled dogs instead (an experience worth a whole other story). Sassan (the owner of Twister Creek/Denali Brewing) even went out of his way to personally contact the owners of three restaurants here in Girdwood (our beer is on tap at these restaurants so he knew these owners personally) and tell them to hire me as a server for the winter. That was before i even applied and indeed when i met the owner he said i had an amazing reference. So it looks like i have a great serving gig at a busy restaurant (Jack Sprat) locked down for the winter. I’ve done more backpacking, climbing, hiking, and bouldering this summer than ever before. Im sure you all have seen some pictures – we’ve summited peaks, traversed glaciers, negotiated passes, traveresed peaks, navigated off trail and pushed ourselves to new limits. These have been the most meaningful experiences of my summer. With my pack on my back and a pass or peak in front of me to climb i feel most myself. i love every aspect of it – planning and map reading, choosing routes, pushing your body, carrying a pack, getting hurt, feeling sore, the views of the landscape, navigating, and gaining the mental toughness when things get intense (which they have). Alaska is fucking insane. amazingly fucking insane. the most beautiful and dynamic place i have been. One of my goals this winter is to get serious about back country mountaineering and snowboarding. Indeed the only reason my flights to the northwest don’t match up with Brads is because I am taking part in a 3 day glacier traverse and frozen waterfall/ice climbing course on the Matanuska glacier the first few days of October. As it turns out ill be in the northwest from October 4th through the 15th; flying in and out of seattle. Very excited about that. One of my passions lies in the mountains – i want pull myself up to the highest places on earth. This is how i want to travel in the future – long backpacking treks into mountainous villages in all parts of the world. My dad and i are planning to complete the john muir trail the end of next august. Its one of his disappointments in his life and its something i really want to do. So we’re doing it. I’ll be getting avalanche and crevasse certified in november after an intense 3 day course. I’ll be snowboarding all winter and then heading out on my big trip for the year. In April and May i will be taking part in a NOLS high alpine mountaineering course in the Himalayas. It’s a 45 day course which covers 115 miles and takes your over 13,000 feet of elevation gain to glaciated passes at more than 19,000 feet. Plus i get to use my Americorps scholarship money so its hardly costing me anything. I am sure most of you are familiar with NOLS and this course should give me all the skills and gear testing i need to climb peaks on my own as well as lead and plan trips with others. South America is still very much on my horizons as i plan to head down south after the john muir trail (and a break) and backpack an ancient Andean trail 225 miles through the andes to Anacongua, the tallest mountain in the Americas. My hope is to be able to climb it. I should have enough money saved up to be gone for a while. I’ll definitely be back in talkeetna next summer, before all that, as my job pays great and i have some connections to learn to fly and get my pilots license next summer; which is something else i have always thought about. Plus i have been seriously considering buying some land near Talkeetna as an investment and possible future completely sustainable homestead. My parents even offered to help on a more expensive lot as i almost purchased a small plot this summer.This winter is shaping up to be awesome. Our band has the potential to get some serious gigs. Look for a name change and re-invention very soon. We played a great venue here in girdwood a week or two ago and it was great. Got paid way more then we thought and they wanted us back right away. Its crazy to get paid for playing shows. really crazy. Venues in talkeetna want us back this winter and we should be getting gigs in anchorage very soon. Its so amazing playing with Rebecca. She really belts when she is behind a full band. glorious. So between writing, playing and making music, along with snowboarding and climbing on a daily basis, as well as a great serving job, this winter should be the best ever. We are all in Girdwood AK; we even signed a lease till April (scary). The only ski resort in AK is here and its beautifully nestled in a glacier valley. Girdwood is a fantastic town. Everyone is outdoor oriented, open minded, friendly and fun as hell, progressive, and pot smokers. We already feel like family here. There are a least a dozen amazing trails within 10 mins of our house. Just yesterday Brad and i went mountain biking on a sweet single track trail for several miles while ryan and spencer climbed the north face of the ski mountain. everyday you can do something outside. I highly recommend a winter flight to anchorage. We’ll take care of the rest. I’ll be flying into seattle the evening of Oct. 4th and flying out the morning of the 15th. I’ll be spending the first few days in seattle – then a day or two in portland (the hardest part of my summer, as i am sure you all can guess, has been the end of my relationship with Ashely; and as i have not even seen her since CA this past April we need to have a personal conversation so i can get some closure on all this); then of course several days in Spokane before heading back to Seattle to fly out. I cannot say how excited i am to see you all, share stories and spend time together. I am a terrible communicator when i am at a distance from friends. I apologize for that but i intentionally want to see you and spend time – however brief. If anyone wants to do any hikes or brief overnight backpacking trips while i am back let me know. I’ve been looking into some trails. This all seem rather self-indulgent as i read over it but i suppose its a good for me to type out my thoughts and plans; regardless if anyone else cares. But there was a snapshot of my summer and my life to come i suppose….at least as it stands now. I have spent more time than every before seriously thinking my identity, who i am, and what makes me happy this summer – the mountains, travel, people, and music are what i come back to – so that’s what i’m focusing on. life is too short to not do what you want. I’d love to talk more but i’m going end this rambling autobiography.
Love you all, so excited to see you,

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I feel a rumble of happiness and excitement for you that cannot be expressed through a computer keyboard.

Comment by Anonymous

Greggoose so good to hear whats going on in your life…here are a few comments:

1) I just saw a mini documentary on the John Muir trail. I’d love to talk about joining unless it was a father/son thing (of course then I’d just hike silently 100 paces behind you and steal your food in the night.)

2) I’d love to do a day hike while you’re here.

3) I made a good friend in Ecuador who worked as a mountain climbing guide for years and has climbed all over the world. He said he’d help me climb cotopaxi and other mountains if I came back to ecuador. The peaks in ecuador are training grounds for everest and such because the bulge of the earth at the equator puts you at a higher altitude. In fact, the peak furthest from the center of the earth is there. anyway, we should talk

can’t wait to see you!

Comment by tip top

very inspiring post. i would love to hike/backpack while you are here too!

Comment by Hafsi

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