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Everything Greg Did Not Say (And Some Things He Did)
September 30, 2010, 1:41 pm
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So, after reading Greg’s lengthy post below, I couldn’t really decide whether I should write anything at all; believe it or not, he is telling the truth about what’s going on up here on the frontier. As our official blogger/PR liaison to the lower 48, what he failed to mention is that we have decided upon a new moniker — Reed Lakes — to play music under. Took us fucking long enough to decide, but I believe we are all happy with the new name. It’s much easier to explain to people and is actually searchable on the interwebs now. Booyah. Keep your eyes peeled (what a weird expression) for new music this winter, now with even more microKORG!

Now that I have started writing I’ve realized how out of the loop everyone down south is. Apologies for dropping off the radar for a few months… I guess you could say this summer has been a kind of revitalizing experience for me, and this is a really difficult thing to communicate to the outside world. I would love to be able to share all of this with you in person, but I won’t be leaving Alaska anytime soon. Unless I can find some way to get out of work midseason, I’ll next be in the Seattle-Portland-Spokane triptych around April.

My summer was… I can’t think of anything adequate to say about it. It was, varied? I started working right away at Nagley’s General Store when I arrived in May, and quickly was pulled over to bus tables and then started hosting at the West Rib Pub where Bradley worked both summers. The last week of May, one of the bartenders drunk-broke his clavicle and I was asked if I wanted to tend the pub. Fucking duh. So I poured lots of draught beer all summer and made some cash, and saw that it was good. I drank lots of draught beer too, and lots of that money is now gone. Whoops.

I don’t really need to rehash our backpacking trips, as Bradley and Greg have done well at describing those. This summer was the first time I ever hauled a backpack, and so far I’ve been able to get out to the Mint-Bomber traverse (see previous post), up to the top of Matanuska peak (6100 feet), and Spence, Greg and I just completed the Resurrection Pass trail (38.8 miles) Tuesday in a total of thirty-five hours. These trips have been incredible, both for the experience of standing on alien terrain and propelling myself to remote, high alpine views, and also due to the mental, physical, and emotional challenges that orienteering and distance hiking provide. Greg and I are going to that ice climbing workshop tomorrow through Sunday, another step toward the goal of being savvy mountaineers someday. Stay tuned for winter mountain adventures — backcountry riding and snow hiking/camping.

There’s more to say, but I don’t know how to cram four and a half months into words. Come to Alaska. That is all.

Love George

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