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Episode 4-8ish
March 28, 2010, 8:09 pm
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Go to Denver! That’s all I have to say. Actually more than that… Greg and I made a last minute decision to head to Colorado, got our shifts covered (which resulted in me only working 5 hours last week)  and joined The Squalrus Records Tour! We met the gang in Fort Collins, then we drove down to denver where we met Spencer’s old buddy John, who was an awesome host. Originally the show was suppose to be at a house but got upgraded to what the locals call Bar Bar. Bar Bar is the ultimate dive bar, illegal smoking of legal substabces, illegal smoking of almost legal substances, graffiti, stickers, photos, cramped pool, loud jukebox, shit for a bathroom, 3 beers on tap, bums, punx, awesome bar tender, basically… the greatest place. We tested out the bar bar the night before, and the night of we all played, Nathaniel, Dane, The Terrible Buttons, and then pə-rād!  It was such a fun show, and so great to play somewhere that is not a coffee shop, and even greater to play to people who like loud music. I believe we’ve gotten more compliments that night then we ever had before. After we played John’s band, Munster Boogie played. I have a video I’ll post later. They were amazing.

I have been falling behind on the episodes, the producer is pretty pissed, i think they might cut the show.

I always start theses posts and then, i get sidetracked and then I just end them.

Episode 3
February 18, 2010, 8:35 pm
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I am writing this to you on Zach’s wireless keyboard, which, means I can walk all over the apartment and type, except it;s harder to walk and type at the same time. I can only use 6 fingers. Anyway, sitting down with fresh pbr enjoying my “friday” night anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kelsey and Tyler! It’s actually a two for one night, As I type Greg and Ashley are picking up Greg’s sister Kara in Idaho Falls, so I am anxiously waiting, twice.

The last couple weeks at our GhettoBrook apartment have been filled with guests, i think our total at one time has been 9 people sleeping here, which was great. Ashley’s dad Andre just left yesterday, he stayed and skied for a couple days, which was really great to have him around. He is a genuinely awesome guy, and he bought us a parting 24 pack of liquid gold (pbr). We also had some really friendly couch surfers from Fairbanks Alaska who crashed for several nights, and a really cool girl named Whitney who I kept calling Courtney from Cali. She actually lived right by Ashley and apparently knew a bunch of the same people, I think they grew up together and just didn’t know it, weird coincidence.

Well that’s all I can think of at the moment, Bobbie keeps texting me to go have a drink with him down the street, he is from Virginia Beach and it is really funny when he says y’all, because he does it all the time, and it’s about the only time his accent comes out. Ohh Bobbie. Well Koshu wine bar is calling my name, well Bobbie is, but fuck i’m confusing myself! Ahh.

Oh yeah Episode 3.

Episode 2!
February 1, 2010, 4:42 pm
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Sorry If you get motion sickness! Can’t wait for Kandee and Tyler to make it out! 2.5 Weeks!


A Day In the Life Episode 1
January 25, 2010, 5:16 pm
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After realizing that Zack’s camera could take video, we decided to make this little public announcement. More to follow…

Oh, and addition to the calendar of events, Greg, Ashley, and I will still be in Jackson for some time, sooooo come and visit! The dates are December 1st-April 15thishish. Hope you can make it!

Happy New Decade!
January 1, 2010, 1:48 pm
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Well it’s 2010! Last night we celebrated the arrival of the new year with the rest of the town. First we went to Snow King where they had a torchlight ski parade which was really cool. You could sign up to join the parade and one friend Pat did it and happened to take a video with his iphone while skiing down the dark mountain with a torch in his had, i should ask him for the video. After they finished the parade they also shot off fireworks on the hill which was a fun new years treat. After Snow King we went to a bar at the Wort hotel which was way to crowded so we went to the local brewery, Snake River Brewery which was much more are style. It was laid back, we sat at a table and chatted and then got some free champagne in plastic clear punch glasses right before midnight. Overall it was a great night, and even better that we have new years day (today) off, except Zach and Brant, poor guys. Here are some photos compliments of Ashley’s new christmas camera!

Also, anyone have new years resolutions? I stopped making those after many years of failed resolutions, so this year i’m thinking about just buying one of those e-cigarettes. Sounds like a good resolution to me, right? Kind of…

December 12, 2009, 5:19 pm
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I think this will have been about the second time that I have ever blogged on here, so that might make me the biggest of the Jackson Ass-holes. It is about time that I post something on here. So far, Jackson has been lovely. It finally started snowing last night and still hasn’t really let up, so I am excited to get on the mountain more and get better at skiing. It had been about nine years since I had skied until the other day, and although my first day was a slightly miserable (being windy and one of the coldest days yet at the top of the lift) I am finding that I am getting back into the groove of things. I just had to remind myself that no one starts out being an expert and that I will get better with time.

Aside from work, I have been doing lots of yoga at a studio a couple of blocks from our house. It has been great to be active doing yoga and also skiing on the mountain. They have a yoga class in Spanish on Fridays that starts in Jan. and I am really looking forward to attending and keeping up on my Spanish. It is so great to meet new people from all over the world here in Jackson, but as always I miss my Mugnugletts that I can so easily be comfortable around. I baked peanut blossom cookies last night and wish that I could have shared them with all of you. I like them to be a bit softer than they turned out, but I’ll just blame the altitude for now. I miss you all a lot and hope that you are able to make your way here at some point or that I am able to head up for a visit.
Love Love,
Your Smash
I’ll try and write more often, I promise!

Jackson’s Assholes
December 11, 2009, 9:14 pm
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First thing: You can’t write a blog about your friends not blogging when this said friend was the one to write about his friends not blogging in the first place.

Second thing: Here is Greg with our blog post that was only written because of a friends heckling about not bloggin, (here’s to Amadna). 

alright. alright. alright. you win. we’re terrible bloggers. humans. but bradley is currently running to the car to gather the cord needed to share delightful pictures with you all. So there. Updates and photos. what bitch? We’re hoping for snow this weekend – its supposed to occur for the nest two days. All of us (brad me brant and zach) our roommates all had the day off and went out on the mountain. Free ski passes and all. Brad got some great action shots. I’ve picked up both skiiing and snowboarding – although i borrow all ashelys newly aquired ski gear and i just broke two bindings on my snowboard today. Its been glorious. I got a small promotion to lead head cook and every shift we all get an hour for a “ski break” So i am skiing or snowboarding at least an hour every day. Just started bringing claytons glass present to us on the lifts. Add some headphones and a ipod and life is glorious. Roomates are amazing individuals in their own right: a pilot hunting guide and a yellowstone biologist. Bars are great. Employees on the mountain get a $1 shift drink every day and always enjoy $2 PBRs. They take care of us.

I don’t know if Greg was done or not with his part but he is going to bed, and I’m going to post it anyway. Also, here are some pictures from today’s ski session. Some of them are a sequence of crashes. I actually ate shit so many times today, I feel like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me with a baseball bat, especially my left side of my ass and my right knee, but I guess that’s what I get for trying to hit jumps onto rails… I should buy a helmet.
 Oh and it’s suppose to snow around 18 inches of fresh powder in the next three days. Hell yeah.


Jackson assHole is more like it
December 11, 2009, 3:55 pm
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Hey friends,

What the hell is going on in Jackson Hole? No news and it’s already been weeks! We’re starving for tidbits and morsels of your lives. What are you doing this weekend? What are the new roommates like? Shmashley, what are you cooking these days?

Here’s the rundown on Spokane:
– Marathon of Queer as Folk happening in our living room, every week night. Because who doesn’t love gay sex?
– I won two free ski rental packages from a raffle at my work. But only because Tyler became a member earlier that day and I counted as his reference. It looks like my psuedo-husband, Mr. A. Coleman, and I will be learning to ski this winter.
– AIDS crisis averted.

Now it’s your turn. How’s life?